Courage & Renewal


Courage & Renewal Facilitation

Courage work is concerned with creating space for people to cultivate the inner resources to live and lead more authentically, aligning who they are to what they do.   It is based on an the approach to reflective practice in a community of inquiry developed by writer, educator and activist, Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal.   Kirsty is  a certified facilitator of Courage & Renewal® programs including the Courage to Teach®, the Courage to Lead® and Leading Together® - a more recent initiative to apply the time-tested tools of the Courage approach to strengthen relational trust amongst leadership teams and staff to support organisational change.

Courage offerings...

Kirsty facilitates weekend workshops and retreats, conference masterclasses, professional learning and leadership development days using this approach and finds it a great privilege to create the conditions for people to tap into their own wisdom for living and leading well.

The most valuable benefit from the workshop was that such a gentle, but rigorous process made it not only possible, but highly probably that I would discover a renewed sense of purpose. And I did.
— Workshop participant

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